Field's Grassfed Beef

No Antibiotics / No Hormones

You have health concerns but still like your beef? Field's Grassfed Beef is the answer! Our beef is high in protein, low in fats, calories and cholesterol, and a balanced Omega 3 -Omega 6 ratio!

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We are proud to offer our popular locker beef program!
We are pleased to offer you our great beef through our locker beef program! Whole, half, and quarter animals are available mostly in the fall of each year. We ask that quarter beef buyers find another person or group of people to purchase at least another quarter. Once you sign up for the program, a butcher date will be set at one of the below butchers of your choosing. The carcass will be hung for 10-12 days after slaughter to dry age and tenderize the meat. We will remind you to contact the butcher to let them know how you want the carcass cut. The butchers have a wide variety of options and are very good at explaining them to you! You will be in charge of paying the butcher fees. We will than discuss delivery options if you don't wish to pick up the meat at the butcher. Normally, you picking the meat up at the butcher is the quickist way to get the beef you are anxious to get! Feel free to contact us to place your order and/or with any questions that you may have! This program fills up fast, so it is on a first come first serve basis! Thank you for choosing Field's Grassfed Beef!
What to Expect Upon Purchase:
Average Hanging Weight for 1/2 of an Animal:
300 lbs. (60% of Live Weight)
300 lbs. x $3.39/lb. = $1,017.00
Approximate Processing Fee:
$0.70/lb x 300lbs. = $210.00
$Kill Fee = $35.00
(Check with butcher for processing fees)
Total Price less delivery: $1,262.00

Payment is expected by delivery/pickup with checks written to Field's Grassfed Beef, LLC. It will be the client's responsibility to pay the processing fees to the butcher chosen below.
How Much Meat Should You Expect?
1/2 Beef weighing about 300 pounds hanging:
12 T-Bones Steaks 3/4"
12 Rib Steaks 3/4"
8 Sirloin Steaks 3/4"
8 Round Steaks
2 Sirloin Tip roasts (3lbs.)
6 Chuck Roasts (4lbs.)
4 Arm Roasts (3lbs.)
2 Rump Roasts (3lbs.)
8 Pkgs. Stew Meat (1lb.)

4 Pkgs. Short Ribs
4 Pkgs. Soup Bone
80-100 lbs. of Ground Beef
How Much Room You Will Need?
About 30 pounds of meat will take up a cubic foot of freezer space.
Cuts, weight, and number of items will be determined by the actual animal and customer's cut and wrap order.
Russell's Custom Meats & Deli
235 North Canyon Blvd.
Canyon City, Oregon 97820

Phone: 541-575-0720
Butcher Boys
2525 NW Ritches Lane
Prinville, Oregon 97754

Phone: 541-447-0334
Every animal is a little different, but on average you will get approximately 200 pounds of beef from a 1/2 beef. At approximately $1,262 per half an animal, that means you are paying $6.30/pound for the finished product! What a great deal considering tenderloin runs around $16.00/pound! GREAT DEAL!
You can contact us at:

Field's Grassfed Beef
29500 North River Road
Prairie City, Oregon 97869

Cell Phone: 541-620-2463
Ranch: 541-820-4430

Locker Beef at Our Ranch in Prairie City, Oregon!