Field's Grassfed Beef

You have health concerns but still like your beef? Field's Grassfed Beef is the answer! Our beef is high in protein, low in fats, calories and cholesterol, and a balanced Omega 3 -Omega 6 ratio!

No Antibiotics / No Hormones
What makes Field's Grassfed Beef Palatable?
First, what makes beef palatable? Many researchers have documented tenderness to be one of the most important attributes of palatability (Miller et al. 1995). Tenderness can be proven by the Warner-Bratzler shear force tenderness machine (WBS) The graph below shows that grassfed beef is tougher than grainfed beef at the onset of slaughter. Although, as shown in the graph grassfed beef becomes more tender than grainfed beef after approximately 17 days. The combination of the Piedmontese myostatin gene and 10 days of postmortem hanging time, also known as "dry ageing" makes Field's Grassfed Beef more tender than conventional grainfed beef.
What is Dry Ageing:
The mechanisms of this postmortem tenderization process at refrigerated temperatures have been researched by various meat laboratories. Current evidence suggests that proteolysis (degradation of protein) breaks down key myofibrillar and associated proteins in muscle tissue, thus, causing meat tenderization (Koohmaraie 1996). Myofibrils are threadlike fibrils that make up the contractile part of striated muscle fibers, which are known to make meat tough. Through research this list of these proteolyized proteins inside the myofibrils changes from year to year. It is known that the main function of these proteins is to maintain the structural integrity of myofibrils. Degradation of these proteins is what causes the myofibrils to weaken and, in turn, increase tenderness. Allowing a sufficient amount of postmortem hanging time will tenderize grass-finished beef and in turn increase its palatability through proteolysis.
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Effects of the Myostatin Gene of Tenderness written by the USDA Agricultural Research Service in 2001
Grassfed and Grainfed Tenderness Scores:
Days of Postmortem Ageing
Pounds of Shear Force
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